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Creative arts herapies

Human beings have always used artistic media as a therapeutic tool. In crucial moments such as health and illness, birth and death, the arts were the tools that possessed the power of healing, through the religious leader's figure and the use of sacred objects, connected the divine and man. Such rituals were accompanied by paintings, dances, music, unique clothing, prayers, and sacred stories. Some societies continue to apply this knowledge to this day.

When Descartes (17th century) developed the dualism "body and mind", the body became a studied machine. Having the freedom to explore the body, he began a mechanistic view of medicine. It was stated that the disease was something that didn't work well and that it was up to the doctor to fix it, forgetting everything ritualistic.

However, when the World Health Organization (WHO) proposed health as complete well-being in the physical, mental and social spheres (1948), society has once again seen the arts as mechanisms for attaining and preserving health.

Therefore, according to the Ibero-American Professional Association of Artistic and Creative Therapists, creative arts therapies are characterised by creation through artistic languages from art therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, dance therapy, and psychodrama for facilitating therapeutic processes that promote biopsychosocial well-being.

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