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To love, to play, affection and authenticity aren't only the nature of my work but also the paths that I have chosen to live. The therapist must first know and explore themself. Each therapist has a way of working and transports their way of being, professionally adapted, to the sessions. Therefore, I quickly identified these inclinations in my work.

A smile and a welcoming look, a hug, a touch, and even the imposition of limits from love, from play, affection, and authenticity, are characteristics of my accompaniments. Throughout my career as a therapist, I have discovered myself as a "relationship therapist."

I understood that being able to interrelate from a safe place is, by itself, therapeutic and transformative. Providing a space in which the person allows to discover and reinvent themself, with someone who accepts them as is revolutionary.

There is a saying that "affection is revolutionary." And I can assure you that once you feel it, life becomes a revolution.
So using genuine curiosity, sensitive therapeutic listening, the ability to love and embrace affections, I provide questions that expand narratives and aid in the process of discovering authenticity.

Loving is revolutionary.

Long live the revolution of love!

The acceptance of affection,

And authenticity!

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