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MaVi projects are only in Portuguese.


To understand the MaVi project's creation, it is necessary to understand the history of union and friendship behind it.


In 2013, the psychology students Marcela Campbell and Vitória Trota met. The sincere friendship soon turned into a working partnership when, in 2014, they created volunteer projects with two great friends. The students went to schools to give lectures on bullying and its consequences. 


Marcela and Vitória also invested in child therapy and family's accompanying in their last year of university. While one assisted the child, the other accompanied the adult. 

After graduating, the psychologists followed different therapeutic lines. Vitória did a postgraduate degree in Gestalt therapy and Marcela, a master's degree in creative arts therapies. Since the beginning of their career, the professionals have studied several topics together, among them: mythology, gestalt-therapy, artistic therapies, systemic therapy and, mainly, narrative therapy, the great talisman. Supervising each other, Marcela and Vitória continued to support and strengthen ties.


Although they follow different paths, the strong harmony built over the years longed for more projects as a duo. This connection was so strong that the therapists found multiple similarities and theoretical and practical complementation.


Supporting each other and always believing in potential and growth, the MaVi project was born. In the midst of a trajectory of affection, a meeting of souls and love, Marcela and Vitória transcended once again after establishing a more mature and deeper work bond. The goal of MaVi is mutual support for synchronized therapy accompaniments, as four eyes, four ears and two hearts amplify therapeutic quality.


The Mavi project offers:


  • Child therapy and monitoring of the tutor: understanding the need to be with the child's tutors to improve the therapeutic process; in this modality, the therapist Vitória Trota assists the child, and the therapist Marcela Campbell monitors the tutor with online sessions.

  • MaVi therapeutic groups: the human being is born, develops and dies in a group. Even in individualized therapies, we bring workgroups, family and friends to the session. Understanding the benefits of networking, psychologists have invested in group therapy training, acting as co-therapists.

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