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List of inspirational artists: Autobiographical

Resilience is directly connected to the power to create new meanings. During the pandemic, culture and science have established themselves as two essential pillars of society and building as human beings. The Cartesian idea of separation of mind and body has proved to be invalid. We are going through a process of pacification between culture and science, in which both are integrating matters.

While science proves itself to be effective against the disease of the body, culture accompanies the human being in its processes through denunciations, moments of relaxation, moments of resigning, and resilient moments.

Although in our culture, art is no longer the medicine for the biological, it imposes itself as the tool for the expression of the soul, interconnected with the physical health of the individual and of society.

After four centuries of rejection, the social body begins to re-envision and assume the human being as a biopsychosocial being. Nevertheless, culture has always existed, and many have already used the arts as therapeutic tools. In this post, we will exemplify some artists whose resilience focuses on the arts' transforming power.

Writing: Marjane Satrapi.

Author of the famous comic book Persepolis, the writer and illustrator, has created an autobiographical work about her childhood and early adulthood in Iran, contrasting the before, during and after the Islamic Revolution. Going further, she also narrated the difficulties faced by refugees and immigrants. It is a sensitive, visceral, and at the same time, delicate work that tells stories of denunciations and resilience.

Plastic arts: Ethel Gilmour.

Gilmour, Ethel, Mandela ven por aquí, 80 x 70, Oil on Canva

Ethel Gilmour (1940 - 2008) was an estadounidense painter who spent much of her life in Colombia. During her stay in the Latin-American country, she highlighted in her works the horrors of armed conflicts. At that time, her paintings moved from "nature and daily life" to the destruction of war in the Latin American country.

In contrast to a rigid theme, her works' lively and gentle colours caused discomfort to the public, who wanted to ignore the war at various times. Ethel Gilmour approached that the painter painted what it was experiencing, so if she were going through a moment of violence, her work would reflect it.

Film: Love Sick Film (2017)

Telling the love story of Pakistani comedian Kumail and student and screenwriter Emily, the beautiful romantic comedy shows us in a tragicomic way the ups and downs and the path full of emotions to be together finally. Today, the two are happily married.

Music: Demi Lovato.

Photo: Emma McIntery, from

Affirming my passion for Demi Lovato's work, the singer, actress, and activist has always been very open about her mental health. Diagnosed with bipolar disorder and addictions, working since she was a child in Hollywood, suffering bullying at school, and having family issues, the artist turns all her pain and struggle into songs that inspire thousands of people worldwide.

In 2018, the singer went through a near-death experience due to an overdose. She was off the stage for two years to focus on her recovery.

In 2020, she made her comeback by performing her song "Anyone" at Grammys, composed by her before the traumatic experience.

I tried to talk to my piano. I tried to talk to my guitar. Talk to my imagination. Confided into alcohol.

Anyone, please send me anyone, Lord, there is anyone? I need someone.

Dance: Dielson Pessoa.


"Silence and chaos", Dielson Pessoa's show, tells of a delicate and thunderous moment in his life when he was diagnosed with bipolarity and had a psychotic break. Transforming all these experiences into dance, in his production, the dancer moves us and gives us a moment of reflection about mental health stigmas.


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